This web site is dedicated to the memory of Chris Hollyer, and has been created for those of us with Multiple Myeloma, our caregivers and friends and families to use as a resource. The content is 100% contributed by members.

For many of us who suffer the incurable cancer called multiple myeloma,there was one person we turned to above all for information, guidance and wit, Chris Hollyer. MM took your life, Chris, but it will never take the patient and gentle spirit you left behind.
– Ed Gorman

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6 Thoughts on “Welcome to MMSupport!

  1. Is there a support group in Chicago for Multiple Myeloma

  2. my 90 yo dad has late stage myeloma and is weak, tired, etc. but not in extreme pain yet. I’m interested in understanding the ‘end of life’ stage/symptoms so we can be vigilant and ‘there’ for him…..

  3. Katie, I wish you and your family the very best. Your father and family will be in my prayers during this trial.

  4. JillL on April 28, 2013 at 3:54 pm said:

    My father is 79 and is going through the initial diagnosis stages of MM. His primary has referred him to the Oncologist for bone marrow biopsy and additional tests for confirmation. He is very weak/tired and has episodes of syncope often…and has had these episodes for a few yrs. He is debating on not completing the tests because he is tired, I believe he is scared too. He is afraid of dying in pain; he watched his mother die (when he was much younger) from colon cancer for over a year and it has left him with some serious emotional scars. There are days he is more lucid than others. I live about 600mls away so that poses a challenge. He wants someone to tell him how he is going to go and how his disease with progress, I find myself repeating to him that every person is different and how they progress is different too. I am a healthcare worker so I have strong opinions on living with dignity. Quality over quanity. He has the same desires. He keeps seeing this 3-5yrs and thinks he has already lived his 3 or more…I am trying to guide him into focusing more on finding the calm that should come at later stages in life but it is hard without sounding too cold. There is no way I can wear his shoes to even to begin to understand. He has many demons to deal with, alcohol and family discord due to the abuse of alcohol. People see death and dying as a taboo discussion, but I feel it would be helpful to have a guide to try to understand some of the emotions. I would like to help him either gain strength in understanding to make his last years here matter to him/his remaining family or/and help him adjust to the new path that this disease has set to find peace with his soul before he passes. I just don’t want him to suffer.

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